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Automotive Cables

Welcome to Caledonian dedicated website for Automotive cables, Developing cables with greater performance, studying new insulation methods, testing increasingly efficient shielding, in our quest to achieve absolute quality: it is important to know our work contributes to improving the work of others.

The reduction of fuel consumption, increased needs for safety and higher requirements for equipment standards as well as reduced space conditions are the main requirements to modern cars.

Ambient temperatures of -55 °C to +150 °C (3000 h) are commonplace. In addition, the wiring is exposed to various diesel oils, oils, battery acids, salt water, spray water, cleaning agents and humidity in everyday service. Tight bending radii, accurate connections and reduced cable diameter with constant capability call for a high perfor mance cable. Optimized, effi cient further processing up to potting or overmoulding using common materials place additional high demands on the design of the cable.

Caledonian Cable meets and exceeds strict OE requirements and strong quality control standards,as well as stringent process, performance, and service requirements.

As the industry leader, we believe there are four key areas of focus that make us the right supplier solution in the ignition wire set category:

* Superior Product
* Category Management
* Legendary Customer Service
* Total Quality


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